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Fashion does define us. Take for example a ruffle dress. This dress helps form us, shape us and gives us some definition to our shape. Or how about a pretty contrast lace pink blouse with our distress jeans that fit oh so right. So knowing this, we’ll course want fashion that does not only define us but makes us feel who we truly are, beautiful. So we will not settle for just any brand: it must be brands that are unique from our retail store merchandise, are affordable and are of good quality. That is why I choose as my supplier Modalsty, my drop shipping supplier for most of my fashion. Who is Modalsty, and why did I choose them. Let me first tell you how my journey with Modalsty started.

From Oberla to Modalsty

For the longest time, I was using Oberla as my drop shipping supplier. Their major supplier was Ali-express. Now do not take me wrong, Ali-express does offer good high-quality products.  Take for example my Foxer collection. Open in the year 2000, Foxer only uses the finest leather in Italy. Most of their leather is Cow leather and the designs are of latest and updated styles. All the designs are created from the top designers of Italy. That’s why I can proudly say that’s Italia. 😉However, I found it a struggle to find clothes that will fit the average-sized person. Or someone like me, who is not too fat, but a bit plumpy. You see the problem with clothes from china, you need to subtract lest 3cm from your size. And for someone like me, that makes it even harder because it can be still too small, or just too big. Understanding how frustrating that can be, that is when I turn to Modalsty. So who is Modalsty, why are they better than Ali-express?

To Ali to Modalsty

Modalsty is a drop shipping that connects online retailers to the best dropshipping products. Through a partnership with individual supplies and distributors, Modalsty has amassed the largest network of drop shippers, boasting hundreds of thousands of suppliers, offering millions of dropshipping products that ship globally with fast shipping.

What does Modalyst mean to connect us retailers to the best dropshipping products?

Their focus is to help us, online retailers, to get access to the latest database of suppliers. With the following attributes

  1. Fast shipping
  2. Inventory in the USA
  3. And inventory globally regions like Italy, Spain, Uk and many more.

So knowing this, you are for sure will find the best fashion on my website. Take for example the handbag Tati Boduch. Found in my Independent Collection.Tati Boduch handbags leather is from Italy’s genuine bovine leather that is made from the world leader of leather production, Mastrotto Tannery.Also, the knitted fabric comes from the yarns best yard market leader of the world, Fillvivi. So this shows that all of Modalyst products come from the top brands in the world. They are of High quality and at an affordable price. But there are many more famous brands you can get your hands on and enjoy it. Just name a few they are

  1. Laconic Styling
  2. Latelila London
  3. Lalou
  4. Evelyn Bellaci

And many more, all high-quality brands and is at the top of the world in leading brands. What makes Modalyst much better then Oberla?

In 2018 alone Modalyst connects with over 30,000 online business offering a global selection of suppliers with a greater selection of brands. While for now, Oberla is limited to Ali-express.

Also, Modalyst offers faster shipping to Europe, the US, and other major global marketing. While with Oberla, it can take even months for your products to arrive. How frustrating. But I can honestly say, I do my best to not make your product arrive that long I use e-packing system that is a bit faster, but Modalyst is always the fastest.

As I mention before, I know how frustrating it can be to get the right size online. With the problem that you need to subtract lest 3 cm from your standard size, it can be a hit and miss to get the right size. That is another reason why I choose Modalyst. One of the suppliers that Modalyst is connected to is a supplier I personally fell in love with, that supplier name is Shein. What is it that I love about this supplier; their clothes are so unique and never can be found in any store. Not even close. The style design is the latest trends in the fashion world and the price cannot be beaten.  What made me really fall in love with this supplier, that size can fit me and with the help of the size chart, I will get the right size all the time. Shein is an international B2C fast fashion e-commerce platform that has fashion for man and the whole family, but their focus is on us ladies offering us on-trend styles that won’t break the bank. Shein main target is Europe, American, Australia, and the Middle East along with other markets consumers’. Their philosophy is that everyone can enjoy the beauty of fashion. And adhering to that concept makes it possible for them to stay on top of the latest fashion trends around the globe. Shein aim is to bring stylish quality products at an appealing price for everyone around the world. So how do all benefit you??

The rich rewards you will reap.

This all benefits you because you will always find fashion that is the latest trend, the highest quality, the most top brands globally supplied and at an affordable price, you never break the bank. So, see how my products can define you. Try some of my fashion today, because my aim is to make you feel beautiful about you, men or women, and to be proud of your beauty.

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