Raspberry sangria

Raspberry Sangria

Secret and scent candles

  • $24.95
  • Save $5.05

Just like your favorite sangria - this scent is layered first with a pile of juicy red raspberries, then notes of cherries and grapefruit, and lastly the sweet red wine. A faint hint of orange hits the nose and palate as a perfect finishing touch, giving you the energy we need during the asummer fun.
Every candle contains a piece of jewelry hidden inside valued from $10 to $5,000. Hurry, buy from the collection today, and keep holding on the summer blast with a Raspberry Sangria drink., Summer is not forever, but you can hold on to the summer blast with Raspberry Sangria, so get yours today! Remember, with all collection, use code 007Rosie74 and get 10% off the retail price. Do not miss on this deal, purchase yours today.

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