10pcs=5 Pack Eye Mask Golden Crystal Collagen Eye Mask

Tianfeng Tianwang

  • $2.00

Now is the time to think of you. Do it by making a spa day at your very home. So, sit back, choose any candles from the Spa collection and pamphlet yourself with this Eye Mask Golden Crystal Collagen eye mask. This mask is great to reduce those dark circle that we at times have due to tiredness or lack of sleep. And Hyaluronic Acid moisturizes helps reduce the fine lines too. Leaving you to feel rejuvenated again. So take time for yourself, create your own spa experience with the many products at this collection. Buy this Eye Mask golden Crystal today, and make it your secret to a better and happier you. Get this today.


1) Clean and dry your face

2) Peel off the plastic from the goggles

3) The patches under the eyes

4) Use 2-3 times a week, for about 30 minutes to wear

5) Remove the patch, do not reuse them

Package includes: 10 pieces / lot


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