11 Colors VOV Mineral Balls Shiimer Gold Eyeshadow Pen Women Gilrs Long Lasting Eye Shadow Makeup Tool


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Product Name: Eyeshadow Pencil
Color: 11 colors available
Weight: 30g
Whether to import: No
Category: eye shadow
Package Include
1 x Eyeshadow Pencil

The time is now to have those shimmer your eyes and do it with no work but with one glare, with this Mineral Balls Shimer gold Eyeshadow. With just one applying, you will have those beautiful shimmering eyes that will not be easy to resist. There are 11 colors to choose from. And with every purchase, a Free Eyeshadow Pencil be included. Completing to shape and bring out those beautiful eyes. So get shimmering, start it with your eyes. Get this easy ball shimmer gold eyeshadow today, and be show those gorgeous eyes today.