11 tragic scent that will help your well-being, number 11th orange

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An orange, it is a natural way to treat you. It can be so sweet and very juicy that it can be very good for you. Full of vitamin C that helps you fight the common cold and even the flu. But did you know the scent to can help your well-being? We usually throw away the peel, but the peel is where natural oil compresses, making it many health benefits including the scent. The smell of orange can make you feel alert and relaxed at the same time. It induces a sense of happiness and well-being. Along with the reduction in cortisol secretion and lifting of mental anxiety, physical changes such as lowering of pulse rate are observed. That is why surrounding you with the scent of orange can have a positive effect on us. Acting as acts as a mild sedative, the scent can take away the edge of mental and physical fatigue, pain, anger, and other strong feelings. So much better and safer alternatives for pain relief or narcotic drugs. A smell of the orange is all need! But there is more, 

Seasonal allergies are usually caused by respiratory allergens such as pollen and spores of mold.  When these tiny, biological particles are inhaled, the lining of the nasal passages gets irritated. This starts an inflammatory process characterized by red and itchy eyes and nose, excessive mucous secretion, and sneezing. Arrest the progress of allergic reactions using the essential oil of orange.

When seasonal allergies are anticipated, carry along a small vial of orange oil. Whenever you feel the slightest tingle in your nose, take a sniff of the oil. Alternatively, you can carry a ball of cotton with a few drops of the oil in it or apply a drop to the wrist or palm of the hand.

There is so much more the scent of orange can do for your well-being, that why you must have Secret and Scent's  Orange scents collection.

Like our 100 percent pure essential oil Bergamot Essential oil, Perfect for calming the mind and helping to put you at ease. When life feels out of hand, Bergamot essential oil can help clear a scattered mind and promote a more focused outlook. Or try our essential oil Sweet orange, Useful for relieving stress and anxiety as well as providing you with a euphoric happy mood, sweet orange is great for your psychological health as well as your kitchen's!

But if treasure you want to find that will make you cheerful, Our candles that are also infused with the natural oil orange, also giving you the benefits of the scent of orange. Like our candle or tart Love spell: Layered with the aromas of hydrangea, apples, oranges, peaches, and ripe cherry blossoms. Infused with the natural oil of orange and grapefruit, you will  Lighten and freshen any room with our Love Spells Jewelry Soy Candle. Do not miss out on the 11 tragic scent, let the sunshine shine every day with the smell of the orange. It is the fruit that can add brightens to our day. Get all 11 scents, and let this be your secret to good health.  Remember to spend more than 30 dollars, your shipping is free, also remember, for my Canadian friends, the international shipping fee is a fix 30 dollars, so get 5 of friends, and you can divide the cost to 6 dollars each, or contact me at rosie.iodice7@gmail.com or inbox me at my Facebook page Rosie Secret and scent and I can get 5 customer. So do not miss out, add a bit sunshine to your day, with our Orange scent collection. Price below is the price for limited time of our essential oil. Get your today.