Add a bit of romance this Valentines with the help of fruit, flowers, and Citrus!

Secret and scent candles

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Do you want to make this Valentines evening of romances come alive? With the right scents, your evening of romances can relight that kettled. Like the scent of fruit and flowers.Fill your home with the scents of fruit and flowers and romance will be in the air -- these scents weaken a man's defenses and get his blood flowing.  So try our Juicy Peach candle, our Juicy Peach is A simple, fresh scent filled with the fragrance of sweet and ripe, juicy peaches. Treat your senses to this delectable treat and his heart. Or how about the scent of flowers like our Gardenia candle. Gardenia creates an intense and captivating aroma popular among many and holds as a symbol of love for those secretly vying for one's affection. Our Gardenia scented candle captures the true essence of the startlingly beautiful Gardenia flower.Infused with natural essential oils, you will get the pure authentic smell of this delicate flower. Or the scent of Citrus.  Citrus is an energy and mood enhancer. The citrus scent can turn your bedroom into a launch pad for your day. So try our essential oils, now at the low price 9.99,  our Lemon essential,its holds naturally invigorating properties that can help raise the spirits and give that extra push of positive thinking and encouragement. Or how about our scent candle, Coconut Lime, this scent fills the room with zesty lime and creamy coconut to make a classic irresistible experience.Infused with natural essential oils including lime, it will add the energy to your romantic evening. So turn up the heat with these scents. Buy yours today and add the flame this Valentines

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