Add a bit of romance this Valentines with the Scent Sandalwood and Jasmine.

Secret and scent candles

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This Valentines with the help scent let your imagination come true and make it a Valentine of your dreams. Because As Dr. Alan Hirsch, director of the Smell and Taste Research Foundation, says, "Scent is so important, Your first impression is to a large degree based on smell. So we talk about love at first sight, we really should be talking about love at first sniff."  So Turn down the lights, lite up the Secret and Scent candles and let these top scents make it a romantic  Valentines night that will never be forgotten. The night that will capitative their hearts.

Like the scent of Sandalwood, known for its relaxing and calming tendencies, It will make your evening more relax and open to many possibilities. It also does away with irritation and depression so any upsetting day will not affect your romantic evening. How about with the scent of jasmine: Most uplifting of essential oils, Jasmine scent is an anti-depressant that calms, relaxes and even builds energy. Give fire to the evening with two candles that are infused with those scents our Egyptian Amber and Rainwater Candle.

Our Egyptian Amber is A rich decadent blend of herbal and sweet scents including a rich vanilla base, musk, and sandalwood with sweet lively notes of jasmine, lavender, and orange. Egyptian Amber is a luxuriant, sophisticated scent that works equally well as a masculine or feminine fragrance. 
Infused with natural essential oils, including orange, lavandin, copaiba, balsam, lemon, and grapefruit essential oil that known to give alertness and energy!

How about our Candle  Rainwater.  This scent reveals notes of carnations, lilies, and citrus followed by violet, tuberose, sweet jasmine, cyclamen, and lastly fragrant sandalwood. These aromas culminate together to release a tantalizing scent loved by both men and women alike. Infused with natural essential oils, including grapefruit, tuberose, and lemon also known to give a bit zest in a romantic setting. There are so many more scents from  Secret and Scent that will add romance this Valentines. So do not wait, make this be an unforgettable Valentines of love with Secret and Scent. Get yours today, and get a hold of their hearts today! Do not forget, each candle as a hidden jewelry of your choice: so grab their hearts with your beauty too! Get yours today!

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