Baby it is cold outside, but warm inside.

Secret and scent candles

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It is that season again for some of us. The seasons to keep ourselves warm. As we put on our hats, heavy sweaters, and boots to keep ourselves warm,let us also warm and brighten our mind and spirit with the help of the lemon from 4th scent the citrus from the 11 tragic scent that will help our well-being collection. This scent will brighten your day because the Lemon scent can increase our mood and concentration. It is stimulating at the same time calming. It is good to build up your mental energy and clarity. It is a great scent to have during the cold months because it does lift up our spirit and chase away the cold blues. It also helps to eliminate mental fatigue, and exhaustion, all that we feel in the cold months. So warm up and brighten your mind and spirit try our essential oil Lemon: for sure to lift up your spirits and give that energy we lack due to lack of bright sun. Also, try our candle or tart Rain Water scent: Infused with natural oil of Lemon, grapefruit, and tuberose, this scent initially reveals notes of carnation, lilies, and citrus to release a tantalizing, relaxing effect, to release any inner tense. So get ready for cold months ahead, not only brighten and warm yourself but brighten your mind and spirit with the citrus scent! Buy individually from the collection today, and make this your secret to enduring the cold months! Do not forget, every candle or tart has a hidden jewelry to be found. So you will sparkle too.  For a limited time, our essential oils are 9.99, Get yours today, before the price goes up.