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Have you noticed the feeling you have after you spent time hiking in the great outdoors? Your spirit is lifted to point to a renewed spirit.  Not only because you took in the good fresh air, but also the sense you took in also help. Research has found, the sense of pine can decrease our anxiety. In one Japanese study, participants who went on a walk through pine forest reported significantly lower levels of depression and stress, but greater levels of the feeling of relaxation. 

How about the citrus scent of  Lemon Grass? This scent is a refreshing sweet pick-me-up scent that has been known to reduce stress and uplift one's mood. It can help with mental clarity and concentration. So being surrounded with these scent daily is important for your overall health. But to captives these scents are hard. Not to worry,  Now you can every day captives these refreshing scent with the help of 11 tragic scents that will help well-being collection, number 7. Our collection included our essential oil Pine Needle,: Notoriously great for clarity and focus. A refreshing scent that is alluring to many as a sanctuary away from the chaos of our busy lives.And our Lemongrass essential oils, a calming and citrus scent with more earthly tone than some of the other citrus scent. Giving the refreshing smell of the great outdoors. 

But that's not all. Try our candles or tarts that are also infused with our pure natural essential oils. Try our Christmas Hearth scent. It is a combination of the sweet scent of oranges and citrus with a faint of notes of smokiness fir and pine, giving you the feeling of the great outdoors. Or how about our Clean Cotton candle: A fresh aroma of sun-dried laundry followed by hints of citrus including lemon, green apples, and lime. Finishing off with a soft musky scent of floral and cedar giving the full scent of the great outdoors. There is much more in this collection. Check out the collection today, and buy yours individually, get the renew spirit every day, making you ready to hike the trails of life with strengthen. Buy from the 11 tragic scent that will help your well-being today! Do not wait, buy it individually today. Price showing one candle price.! spend 35 and more and shipping is free! All our essential oil for a limited time at the low price of 9.99. Do not miss out on all this savings.