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Secret and scent candles

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Thanksgiving is coming; Did you get your good size turkey brought, all your ingredients prepared to make that all so delicious desserts and the centerpiece to make the occasion oh so inviting?? As they all make your guest feel oh so welcoming, add to it aromas that make the guest feel ready to festive with Secret and Scent Fall and Simple Pleasure Collection. As mention, of all the sense that will captives your guest heart, the sense is the more powerful way. That because, our sense of smell links to the part of our brain, that affects our emotions, moods and even memories. So try our Macintosh Apple soy Jewelry Candles, Our Macintosh Apple scent smells exactly like crisp, freshly cut apples. Perfect for any fruity scent lover, our Macintosh Apple will not disappoint.  Add with it from Simple Pleasure Collection, Cinnamon Stick is a full-bodied candle that gives off scents of rich spicy cinnamon, your home will smell like fresh apple pie being baked in the oven. Oh so welcoming! Add the drinks with our Artisan teas Rooibos Spiced Apple Cider, your guest will be satisfied both their sweet and savory senses without overindulging.  Our Rooibos Apple Cider is a perfect blend of cinnamon, apples and dark Rooibos, this tea resembles the aroma of freshly baked apple pie that will not disappoint their taste buds. As you gather together with family and friends to give thanks for all you have, make it more inviting with Secret and Scent.  Hurry! Buy yours today and be the 104 daily who visit my website and be the elite ones who have their secret to making the holidays one that is never be forgotten. Remember free shipping if you spend 35 dollars and more. And the contest is still on, to win one of the prizes, 50 or 25 dollars Amazon gift card if you spend 40 or more. Entry to win by spending 40 or more. So do not miss out, contest ends October 15, get your name in.



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