Bring the summer to a end, making it a blast with Secret and Scent.

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The Labor Day weekend is approaching us. It means that summer is over and the children are heading back to school and for some, it means summer vacation is over, time to go back to work. But for most of us, it means summer is ending.  But do not end the summer with sadness, gather your family and friends and have one more summer blast. You can make it unforgettable with help of scents,  with Secret and Scents party refreshing drinks. Secret and Scents party refreshing drinks will for sure help being the mood to feast.  

Like the candle or Tart Raspberry Sangria, Just like your favorite sangria - this scent is layered first with a pile of juicy red raspberries, then notes of cherries and grapefruit, and lastly the sweet red wine. A faint hint of orange hits the nose and palate as a perfect finishing touch.  

Or bring in the tropical theme with the candle or tart, Jamaican Me Crazy,Be transported to the tropical islands with an irresistible blend of coconut, pineapple, rum, tangerine, banana, and melon sweetness. Great for the summer months, this tantalizing scent will take you on vacation time and time again.

Or our Mint Mojito, A cool, fresh, and stimulating minty fragrance that truly mimics a classic mint mojito. This candle combines a fusion of muddled mint, tropical pineapple, and true sugarcane. Ideal for those looking for a citrusy refreshing scent and perfect for the warmer months. 

Chill down the night festival with our candle or tart Chardonnay, A bright and distinct aroma of a premium white wine that blends fresh white grapes, berries, and crisp fruit. These scents will not only bring a mood to feast, but your guest will feel that this was the best last blast they ever had, with the help of these scents. 

But that's not all; add to it a refreshing taste with our Artisan tea.  Serve your guest this refreshing drink, Blueberry Whiteout, For those looking for the subtle aroma of freshly picked blueberries, this tea features whole, round dried blueberries. Favored by many of our customers due to its versatility as a calming, smooth hot or a bright, fruity iced tea. Perfect for summer or winter months.  Or try Caribbean  Green, This tea has the perfect touch of juicy flair and sweet perfection. Blended with just the right amount of green tea, apple and mango, dried coconut, orange peel, marigold flowers and natural.

.So do not end summer with sadnesses, make one more blast, but one that is unforgettable with the help  Secret and Scent. Get your party ready and order these party essential from Secret and Scent today!

Remember that if you spend over 35 dollars, your shipping is Free.(the price below is just showing purchase of one candle and Artisan tea together, price before taxes) So make the unforgettable summer blast, let Secret and Scent be your scent to make this party started! Reward yourself by finding a hidden jewelry of your choice in every candle or tart. So do not wait, get the need essential to make a rock'in good time for all, as summer comes to its end. The season ends, but the memories do not have to! So order yours today!!

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