Acupressure Foot Massage Reflexology Sandals Relief


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Item Type: Massage & Relaxation
Application: Foot
Material: Composite Material
Model Number: BH-F002
Brand Name: BYRIVER

Take care of the most important part of ourselves. If these suffer, we will suffer, leaving us feeling unmovable and even useless. That important thing is our feet. If our feet hurt, we are less like to get active. Feet pain makes us feel sluggish and even stops us to have a good time. Trust me, I speak by experience. Being on steel toes all day, and the pain, I feel all of the above.  So take the time for yourself, lite up one of the candles from this collection, and slip these sandals, feel the massage and relaxation as you take care of the most important thing of ourselves our feet. Why do we need to get this? This what these slippers will do:

  • Very easy to use,, just slip on and feel the massaging
  • There is a specific peddler that trigger each point of our foot, and where our feet need the most care.
  • Great to use around the house, get the massaging and still do what we have to do. 
  • And it comes to three colors, so it will never crash our style.LOL Buy it today.
So do not feet the most important part of ourselves. Get it today, and see how your relax feet will take you. Buy it today

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