Calvin Klein Euphoria 3 Piece Cologne Gift Set for Men

Calvin Klein

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About This Item

Euphoria, is a state of excitement and intense happiness, is place where stress does not exist. A state of total paradise. Now men, feel that with this scent from Calvin Klein called Euphoria. 

Launched by the Design House Of Calvin Klein In The Year 2006. This Oriental Spicy Scent Has A Blend Of Chilled Sudachi, Raindrop Accord, Solid Amber, Cedar Leaf, Black Basil, Patchouli, Creamy Suede, And Ginger Pepper Cocktail. Its long-lasting, intense, spicy scent. And it is a 3 piece gift set. It comes cologne, deodorant, and lotion  The pleasant scent that will take you away in a Euphoria state. Feeling to face the excitement, and to hold happiness. So buy this today and feel as you are in a Euphoria space. Get this today. This is an American supplier, so no long waits. Get it today.

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