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Secret and scent candles

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What jewelry will you want to find this weekend? Is it this white crystal stone double band ring with small crystals diamonds cluster in the band. How about, those deep blue stone drop earring with the purple stone tear drop silver tone necklace? Or my favorite the one to the far right, the three stone white crystal diamond, with sterling silver ring, cluster with tiny white diamonds. These are just some of the beautiful jewelry you can find in any of our 42 candle and tarts. There is 100 elegant jewelry to be found, you can be the lucky one this weekend to find them. So buy any of Secret and Scents Candles and tarts today, go to the catalog and there are 42 irresistible aromas to choose from. From desserts to refreshing party drinks, to the Spa collection, all you can be the lucky one to find these pieces of jewelry. So get it this weekend, and see what treasure you will find??? 

Do not forget, spend more than 30 dollars, your shipping is free, but, for my Canadian friend, not matter how much you spend, your shipping international is a fix 30 dollars, so get 5 of your friends or family, divided by 5 and each pay 6 dollars. Or you can contact me through my email address,  or message me at my Facebook Page: Rosie, Secret, and Scent, I can arrange a group of 5. Do not hast, try to find these pieces of jewelry today.