Candied apple

Candied Apple

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The season of fall, the time the trees turn colors and the earth prepares to rest. But one of my memorable time is my walk to the Maple syrup farm, watching how mother nature harvests its last maple syrup before the winter seasons. My favorite part was the smell of bubbly caramel being covered with red apples. The smell brings me back to that enjoyable times and also reminds me of the sweet taste of the candied apple. Or maybe for some, the smell of bubbly caramel of the Fall country fair, where cotton candy and candied apple aroma was every where and that  the scent brings you back to that joy and excitement you had that day. What ever your experience with the candied apple, it one of the pleasant aromas associated with the Fall seasons. Candied Apple candle or tart is A perfectly balanced blend of freshly picked apples, warm cinnamon, and bubbling brown sugar all caramelizing together to give a sweet and delicious smell. So sit back and get cozy with this Fall scent Candied Apple. It is one of the pleasant smell of fall. Bring in the fall seasons with Candied apple. Buy yours today.

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