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Grown directly from the fertile lands of the Nile River Valley in eastern Egypt, our chamomile tea features hand picked chamomile flowers. Hailed from the natural remedies of the Egyptians, chamomile has long been known for its many remedies and serene properties. Recognized for its ability to promote tranquility and peace of mind, these chamomile blossoms emanate a blend of fresh fruit and a floral finish. Expect to find whole flower pieces in this tea as it features a caffeine free infusion of chamomile flowers for your taste buds.

Best served with a touch of honey.
Steep at 212° for 5-10 minutes.

About our Chamomile Flowers:
Grown in the Sakaran Village in Egypt, the chamomile is hand picked in the early hours or evening dusk. The flowers are harvested at this time to preserve the whole flower, otherwise the stem breaks and portions of the flower bud are lost. Handed down generation to generation, these families cultivate the chamomile fields as a part of their culture to provide us with the richest quality Chamomile tea possible. 

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