Do not forget the most important thing in life, is you!

Secret and scent candles

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Had a hard week that making you feel run down? Do you want to be energized? Then we have something for you! So kick out everyone, turn on the hot water and experiences a bath that will rejuvenate and renew you as never before. As you soak in the hot tub, let our Ultrasonic, humidifier diffuse soothe  and relax you. Used with our essential oil Clary sage, you will feel a multitude of holistic health benefits. This scent will renew you and make you feel emotion strong! But,strengthen your body, relieve your aching muscles as you wash and massage yourself with our, new from Abeldoe, our 5-1 electric Massage shower Brush. It has 5 pieces each used to clean and sooth you anywhere on your body that needs a bit massaging. But used with our Natural handmade soaps, Lavender Oatmeal, you will be moisturizing, exfoliating all at the sometime. With our Lavender oil add into the soap, this soap will soothe your aching muscle making you feel as flexible as 21. Ok, 32! LOL. 😂 So do not forget the most important thing, you. Get yourself ready and renew with a bath experience you can not have with any other products. Buy each product separately today and be ready to move mountains this week because you have strength to do anything. Hurry, get yourself ready today! (Remember, secret and scent specializes in essential oils and handmade soaps, the other products, are products I purchase to make Secret and Scents more beneficial for you. So buy each product separately today, and see how Secret and Scent is your scent to better you). Price showing if you were to buy all the products. It does not include taxes or shipping fees.

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