Do not miss out on the summer fun, we have everything you need to make this summer GREAT!

Secret and scent candles

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The summer is here, and also the summer fun! Secret and Scent, have a little bit of everything to make sure you feel good and refresh in this warm weather to come. Like our essential oil sweet orange:

A great addition to the citrus essential oils, Sweet Orange (Citrus sinensis) has a pleasantly tart and citrusy aroma that is playful and refreshing.

Useful for relieving stress and anxiety as well as providing you with a more euphoric happy mood, sweet orange is great for your psychological health as well as the kitchen. Use as an additive to homemade cleaners or simply add a couple drops to your unscented soaps, it will give the right start to go out and enjoy the sun. Or how about a more fun scent, that leaves you to feel energized: Try our Coconut Lime candle, An ultimate summertime refresher, this scent fills the room with zesty lime and creamy coconut to make a classic irresistible experience.  And every candle has a hidden treasure, so you will feel not only refresh but looking good with the piece of jewelry to find. 

But that is not all. With our many types of jewelry found in hidden collection selection, looking good and feeling good is the main game. Like our LUIISA Original Glass Magnet Charm Bracelet: this bracelet comes not only in blue but in red, giving your summer outfit the touch it needs to look good. But nothing completes a summer outfit without the right stylish handbag: So go look at our many selections of handbags found in our "Spring is here and also Handbags " collection. There are many types and selection to choose from, making the right handbag easier to find with only one click. So go, enjoy this warm weather now, you are ready with the help of Secret and Scent. Buy each product separately today, and make this summer full of fun and adventure with Secret and Scent. Buy each product today, and Have the best summer ever! 

Price showing now our low price of essential oils. Buy each product separately.