Faux Pearl & Leaf Necklace & Earrings 3pack


  • $8.00

Bracelet Size (cm):
1-1.25 cm
Length (cm):
50 cm
Metal Color:
Glamorous: Add Flair and glamor to your wardrobe, thanks for this beautiful Faux Pearl and leaf Necklace and Earring Set.  This set is thy set to have. Its Faux Pearls brings that luxurious polish white pearl look, but mix with the leaf design, this accessory is great for any occasion. To complete your glamorous formal wear, to add flair to any of your wardrobes, this set is the accessory that will bring your whole entire together. It is glamorous, it elegant, and it is perfect to for any occasion, leaving you to feel beautiful.  Sometimes, that is all we need, an accessory that will put our wardrobe together. This is one of them. So get it today, and see how this will be the accessory that will be worn most, due to it's versatile. Get it today and show them, who is feeling and looking beautifully today. Get it today.

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