Flowing navy blouse


  • $84.00

The woman role has changed. We want to be taken seriously in the business world. So, when we dress as successful, we are more move to be successful in our task... So dress the part at work with this Flowing Navy Blouse. Flowing blouse is in navy color. It has a  round neck with ruffle hem. There are long sleeves with ruffles at the end of the sleeves. There is a line of small openings just above the chest and underneath there are gathers. At the back of the blouse, there is an opening that is closed with a button. Lightweight woven. Great to go on any bottom, to nice pants to skirt. This is lightweight and perfect to dress to impress. So, ladies,  let us show we ladies can be the man for the jobs, let us start to dress a success and show the world, a woman can be everything a man can be. Even more successfully. 

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