March break rush, From all you have to do today, do not forget to care for yourself!

Secret and scent candles

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The March break rush, Give yourself a break, pamper your mind and skin with a spa bath at your own home. As you soak in the warm hot bath,  Get the relief of tense and stress with our Lavender candle. Our Lavender candle is infused with the natural oil lavender, giving the pure Lavender scent and the authentic benefits of lavender oil. But a warm bath is not enough, add one of our Sea Salt Spa bath bombs, start feeling the soothing of a tense day. Our bath bomb is made Sea Salt, grapeseed oil, dried flowers Roses or lavender, helping to give relief from your tired bones. There is many to choose, from 4 pc  2pc or  3 pc, ranging from 9.95 the lest, to the highest, 20.95, but do not forget, these are not just like any cheap bath bombs, these are made with natural and pure ingredients,  giving you a spa bath at your very home.All bath bombs can all be found in our Natural handmade soap collection. But spa bath is not anything if you do not have something that pampers your skin, so do not forget the soap, but not just any soap, but our natural handmade soap Lemongrass. this lemon rich soap contains Lemongrass essential that is great for the end day fatigue. But, pampering of the skin does not end there, pamper your face with our moisturizing line, 2.5 Retinol Moisturizer. This moisturizer is a power-packing combo of 2.5% retinol as well as a high-quality facial moisturizer. Formulated to help fade discoloration, boost skin repair mechanisms, support firmer and more supple skin and diminish fine and tired skin. So do not forget the most important thing today, yourself, pamper yourself and make yourself rejuvenated with a spa bath at own home. Buy each product separately and make it your secret to a more stronger and better you! Get all today! See for yourself a spa bath is not far to enjoy. Get all the products today!  Price showing if you were to buy the 2 pc bath bomb with all the products. So buy each product separately, get it today!

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