Gardenia candle

Gardenia Soy Jewelry

Secret and scent candles

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  • Save $5.05

Is it not refreshing to wake up every morning with aromas of freshly grown flowers?That scent is a quick cheer-upper, remaining us that life around us is beautiful. Now with our Gardenia Candle scent, you can have it in your very home. Gardenia creates an intense and captivating aroma popular among many and holds as a symbol of love for those secretly vying for one's affection. Our Gardenia scented candle captures the true essence of the startlingly beautiful Gardenia flower. Experiencing the same feeling as sitting back and being surrounded by a garden of flowers!

Every candle contains a piece of jewelry hidden inside valued from $10 to $5,000, having then your own secret garden. So enjoy the same feeling as being in a Gardenia, and be relive of a stressful day. Buy yours today.


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