Gatsby Pearl Rope Necklace

Peace + Love +Bling ~ Ethical is Beautiful

  • $180.00

Pearl necklaces always give flair and glamor to any occasion. To me, I compare it to a soft stone, that delicate in its form, but silently shouts elegance and flair. It is the perfect accessories that never loses its class over time. And with this beautiful Gatsby pearl rope necklace, your styling is endless. 

The Gatsby Necklace is reminiscent of the decadence and carefree attitude of the Jazz Age.

Each rope measures 80" long, giving you limitless possibilities for styling!

These are fine jewelry pieces, hand-knotted with silk. Every pearl is hand-matched to create a beautiful strand! And with every product from Peace+Bling+love jewelry, you are helping to empower women around the world, which is their mission to empower women around the world, by their social presence and their many charities. So empower yourself, by showing who is elegance and flair.but wear this necklace with pride, because women around the world, will be empowered too. Get this beautifully Gatsby necklace today, and show your many different styles with a stone that never loses its style. Buy this today.

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