Get relief from your tired muscles with Secret and Scent spa collection made by you!

Secret and scent candles

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This weekend, do you need relief from tired muscles? Then make it a spa day, your way with Secret and Scent! Try from our spa collection, Rain Water scent A complex array of both floral scents and sweet, musky seduction. This scent reveals notes of carnations, lilies, and citrus followed by violet, tuberose, sweet jasmine, cyclamen, and lastly fragrant sandalwood. These aromas culminate together to release a tantalizing scent leaving you calm and serene! Company with our Essential oils Rosemary, great for soothing tired and worn out muscles ailing with minor aches and pains, this soothing and relaxing essential oil is gentle on the body as well as the nose. Rosemary's earthy and herbaceous notes can help stimulate the mind and help eliminate cloudy judgment. Finish your time with a refreshing and relieving drink with our Chamomile Artisan tea: Grown directly from the fertile lands of the Nile River Valley in eastern Egypt, Chamomile is Recognized for its ability to promote tranquility and peace of mind, leaving you to relax and ready to face the week. So make a spa day, your way, with the help of Secret and Scent products. Make your own spa collection today! And be ready to face the world.

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