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It is another start of the work week, Do you feel today that one cup coffee can not just do? Before you drink another, Did you know smelling fresh brew coffee can have the same effect as drinking it? Researchers believe that the aroma of roasted coffee beans can soothe frayed nerves and that just the whiff could be enough to reverse the effects of a poor night's sleep on the brain. This was seen by experiment in Tsukuba, Japan, Where they kept 16 laboratory rats awake for 24 hours, by keeping them in a cage filled with an inch of water, then exposed half of them to the smell of roasted coffee.

After taking samples of the rats' brains, they found that the smell of coffee boosted the activity of key genes that promote cell survival in the body and reduce anxiety, New Scientist magazine reports today.

Professor Yoshinori Masuo, who led the study in Tsukuba, Japan, said that when people drink coffee to stay up all night, just the smell of the coffee could alleviate some of the stress caused by sleeplessness. So before you drink another, enjoy our Halzenut coffee Candle or Tart. A truly delicious scent that fills your house and home with notes of freshly brewed hazelnut coffee. If you're looking for the right candle to sit down and feel warm and cozy when you don't want to miss this scent. This is a must-have for any coffee lover - it's finally here and we're obsessed! Also every candle or tart have one of our 100 elegant jewelry to find. Can you get that with a Double Double? So buy yours today, There is already 8 viewing today, get yours today, and let one cup coffee is what you need with Halzenut Coffee Candle or tart. Hurry, buy it today!