Get the best gift, time for yourself, and face the New Year!

Secret and scent candles

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Ask for the best gift for yourself: time for yourself. And Secret and Scent have made that easy for you with our many products to create your own spa right at home. Soak yourself with our Essential oils, Rosemary, letting it sooth and ease your minor aches and pains. Relax and decrease any anxiety as you sit back and take in the scent from our Candle Gardenia. Sip and feel as you are on a tropical island with our Artisan tea Carribean Green tea, the flavor of green tea, apple, dried coconut and mango with a flavor of natural passionate fruit, let your taste buds feel refresh and you at peace as sitting on the island. But your experience does not end there. Pamper your skin with our Sea Mineral Facial cleanse, it will rejuvenate, cleanse and refresh your facial as it deep washes your pores. Then end it with our Body Butter, it is great to massage with or as a facial moisturizer, this will replenish and moisturize your skin. Now you are ready to face the world again! So this Christmas ask the best gift for yourself: Time. With the help Secret and Scent many products, you can make your own spa day at your home. Buy individually today, and be ready to face the New Year. Buy yours today, and let this set be under your Christmas tree. Do not forget, every candle has a hidden jewelry inside. Can you get this with any spa gift card??? No, you will not, only with Secret and Scent. Get yours today and Merry Christmas. Price showing if you were to buy it all together, but need purchase item separately.