Hansel and Gretal

Hansel and Gretal tart

Secret and scent candles

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Can not forget one of most pleasant times, in winter holidays, is the excitement of building your own Gingerbread house. Who can forget, the aroma of the Gingerbread house, the icing on top, the candies to decorate it, then after, eating it, and but, then you realize, it is gone until next year.  Now you do not have to part from the Gingerbread house because, with the Hansel and Gretel candle, you can have that aroma all year round. The Hanse and Gretel Warm vanilla frosting, cinnamon sticks, cloves, raisins, apples and roasted graham crackers, this gingerbread house in a jar is absolute perfection. Every candle contains a piece of jewelry hidden inside valued from $10 to $5,000, that you will love. Buy yours today, let the smell of Gingerbread house fill your home, and find a treasure too. Do not wait, buy from the collection today.

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