Happy Easter everyone, may you have a fabulous one with family and friends

Secret and scent candles

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This weekend, Easter is being celebrated around the world. Each has their own tradition. Like in Florance Italy, locals celebrate a 350-year-old Easter tradition known as Scoppio del Carro, or "explosion of the cart." An ornate cart packed with fireworks is led through the streets of the city by people in colorful 15th-century costumes before stopping outside the Duomo; the Archbishop of Florence then lights a fuse during Easter mass that leads outside to the cart and sparks a lively fireworks display. This tradition is meant to ensure a good harvest. But for us living in North American, it is time for us to reflect and spend time with who matters most. Our family and friends. So get yourself ready with the help of Secret and Scent, and see how to bring out the best of this occasion. First, lite up a scent that will inspire you, or motive you. Choice our Cinnamon Stick candle: Cinnamon Stick is a full-bodied candle that gives off scents of rich spicy cinnamon.  Perfect for all seasons, this candle will leave you feeling spirit lifted. Next, choose from our many skin care lines. Like, wash with our Sea Mineral Facial Cleanser. Over 90 deep cleansing sea minerals to help cleanse and restore your face!! It is gentle yet effective for sensitive skin and designed to dissolve away impurities and daily stressors that damage and clog up pores. Great for all ages and skin types. Next, do not forget to moisturize and choose our Butter body or whatever moisturize that is a need for your skin. Next, choose your favorite jewelry set, New to the store is 12 types of jewelry set that is perfect for any occasion.   Like one set, JewelryPalace Shining Jewelry Set, it comes with matching necklace, ring, and earrings. But every candle in Secret and Scent contain a hidden jewelry to be found, probably instead, you will find this necklace that is only found in secret and scent, giving you a chance to mix and match. Wow, what woman does not like that. And many more. So, celebrate this day with who matters the most, and let Secret and Scent help you to bring the best of the holidays, you! Buy each product separately today. And have a safe and happy Easter today! Price showing only the candle. 

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