It smell like blueberry cheese cake, but the treasure found is better than icing

Secret and scent candles

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Is not this necklace beautiful? I found this necklace in my blueberry cheesecake scent. The scent was not overpowering, but a light smell of blueberry and vanilla cream cheese smell that made the room feel comforting. It felt as I am enjoying a cheesecake, I felt so relaxed. But, the necklace is what top the cake, the necklace is 18 kg white gold plated. With an orange stone petal. That will fit well with any of my outfits. My blue lace dress, this necklace will help give a bit of uplift. , You too can find this or another beautiful necklace in all the candles or tart.  Try your luck today, and see what treasure you will find. This you will always come out as a winner because the jewelry is so elegant and always a most need to find.  I just love mine and nobody is touching it. Find your treasure today. Buy any candle or tart and get the treasure you want to show to everyone, nobody can ever find something like this only at Secret and Scent.