Jeans Pinko


  • $250.00
  • Save $142

Now go back to school or work with Jeans Pinko pants. PINKO is a response to the fashion needs of an independent, strong and sexy woman, aware of her femininity and determined to express it in different ways, but first and foremost through her choice of style. With these pants is no different. With its stretchable fabric but it perfectly fit pants, you will make a great first impression showing you are a successful woman. Pinko always uses the highest quality of fabric and stitching made to last for years to come.. So you are paying for quality.   And Pinko manufactures is green

  • with their eco-friendly building 
  • there 3.500 square hanging gardens, one the way to cut emission in our air, is for manufacturers to start be green in their production.
  • And what is, even more, they promote green mobility and sustainable use of energy by reducing environmental impact.
For this reason, they have provided theirs. parking areas with electric vehicle charging stations. Choose a company that not only understand the needs of us modern woman, with their style made for us but support more manufacturers that think green. So get these Jeans Pinko today, and let us do our part to become a more green environment. Get it today.

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