Juicy peach

Juicy Peach

Secret and scent candles

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Growing up near Niagara-on-lake Canada, one of the most enjoyable things of the Fall season is the drive to different Farms Markets, to get the first generation Peaches. They are the juiciest and truly refreshment in your month. But unfortunately, first generation peaches, do not stay long, with the second generation, is not juicy and refreshing.   That is why secret and scent created this scent Juicy Peach to enjoy longer the refreshing first generation peaches.   Juicy Peach is A simple, fresh scent filled with the fragrance of sweet and ripe, juicy peaches. Treat your senses to this delectable treat, perfect for the back patio or a warm, sunny day. That is why it is included in our Fall collection. It is a scent that you can sit back and get cozy as you bring in the Fall season.  But remember, every candle has a piece of jewelry hidden inside valued from $10 to $5,000, having in hand a golden peach. Buy yours today, do not wait,  enjoy the first generation peach every year, buy from the collection today.

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