Make a thanksgiving that bring lasting memories with Secret and Scent.

Secret and scent candles

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Thanksgiving is coming so fast, some of you are preparing for this event by, getting the biggest turkeys at the best deal. Others are making centerpieces and decoration to make the guest feel more welcoming. But do not forget something that will bring lasting memories of joy to your guest. That is the sense of scent. The sense of smell is the strongest sense from other sensors. Scent brings us back memories and emotion we may associate with that event. It can uplift us, calm us and bring us the happiness when we need brightness. So make lasting memories with the Fall and Simple Pleasures collection.  These collections included the scent of pumpkin with our Pumpkin Souffle candle or tart. Pumpkin Souffle combines a perfect proportion of fresh pumpkin and sweet, pleasant notes of sugar, butter, and spices! It smells like it just came out of the oven. Or from Simple Pleasures, Cinnamon Stick Candle or tart,  Cinnamon Stick is a full-bodied candle that gives off scents of rich spicy cinnamon.  Perfect for all seasons, this candle will leave you feeling right at home.  Let the smell of red-hot cinnamon permeate through your house and home with Secret & Scents Cinnamon Stick Jewelry Soy Candle.  Infused with natural oils, you are guaranteed a lasting smell. One that will bring back unforgettable memories. So make a lasting impression and memories with Secret and Scent. Bring in the celebration with the help of The Fall collection and Simple Pleasure. Hurry, just like you need to get the turkey, you do not want to forget to add the scents too. Buy yours today. Buy any from the Fall and Simple Pleasure today.  Remember, free shipping is if you spend over 35 dollars. So get yours today.  Also, make it fun with hidden jewelry inside each candle or tart. Each guest can bring home a gift that truly all ladies love, elegant beautiful jewelry. Buy yours today.  Have any question, need help to placing the order?? I can also personally do that for you. Email me at or at my Facebook page, inbox me. I be glad to help. Hurry,, inbox me today.