Make this day a spa day, with our spa collection. You deserve it!

Secret and scent candles

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Give yourself the spa you deserve with our spa collection. Our spa collection includes our spa candles, each will ease your mind and soul. Like our Nag Champa candle or tart, Perfect for tranquil moments, peaceful meditation, or a simple break from everyday life.  Soak into a cool bath with our essential oils like our Bergamot Essential Oil, Perfect for calming the mind and helping to put you at ease. When life feels out of hand, Bergamot essential oil can help clear a scattered mind and promote a more focused outlook. Smooth your skin with our natural soap, like our Kiwi Mango fig soap, A deliciously sweet scent that resembles a tropical paradise. One the best sellers. End it with a refreshing drink with our Green Lemon Lime Artisan tea, it is  Nothing but refreshing with a green tea base and seamless additions of citrus leave your mouth lifted and ready. Paired with ice or steeped to perfection, this tea is the ideal addition to the beginning or end of your busy day. Giving the spa you deserve right at your own home! So make it a spa day, buy any of the product, make your own spa package today! You truly deserve it!

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