Make this weekend about you with help of Secret and Scent.

Secret and scent candles

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Did you make this weekend about you? Will if not, make this one coming up, a weekend just for you. A weekend where you can recuperate your energy to face another work week. With help of Secret and Scent spa collection, essential oils, Artisan teas, and now skin care products, that will bring your youthfulness back.

Like our Nag Champ Soy Jewelry Candle or tart, Comprised of both fresh and musky notes including aromas similar to those of the forest combined with hints of patchouli, amber, and sweet vanilla. This is one fragrance that if you haven’t come across, you have to try. Perfect for tranquil moments, peaceful meditation, or a simple break from everyday life.Infused with natural essential oils, including patchouli and gurjum balsam. you will have hours of tranquility and be refreshing the soul.  

Add to it a warm bath with a drop of Sweet orange essential oils, Useful for relieving stress and anxiety as well as providing you with a euphoric happy mood, you feel the sunshine radiating through you. As you drink one of Artisan tea, Caribbean Green tea, you feel you are in paradise.  Caribbean Green is a blissful combination of both your favorite tropical fruit and green tea leaves native to Eastern Asia. This tea has the perfect touch of juicy flair and sweet perfection. Blended with just the right amount of green tea, apple and mango, dried coconut, orange peel, marigold flowers and natural passionfruit, peach, coconut, and orange flavoring your taste bud and body will feel the rejuvenating.  But to finish this day, pamper your skin with our Solar Repair Herbal Moisturizer. Our herbal moisturizer is infused with a high percentage of seaweed proteins that help act as collagen building blocks. This combined with raw cold processed plant lipids help hydrate the skin for quick repair and restoration! Now you ready to face the world again. So make this weekend about you, and get the pampering you deserve with the help of Secret and Scent. Buy your products today, and make the spa day right at your home. And be ready to face the week with strengthening.  Remember every candle or tart have hidden jewelry inside and spend more than 35 dollars, shipping is free. So do not miss out, on this great offer, make the pampering you deserve and treat yourself!