MISS ROSE Long wear Black Gel Eye Liner


  • $2.00

Package Include: 1* Eyes Pencil

100% brand new and High quality
Product's Type: Eyeliner
Weight: 26g
Effect: Moisturizer, waterproof, long lasting, easy to make up

There is a wrong way to do your eyeliner. I know, I have done it. You can do it too thin that it ends not shaping your eyes well, losing the naturally beautiful shape of your eyes.  Or you can do it too thick, that it becomes the main color when really you just want to shape your eyes not distract from the other colors. That is why this Kajal black  Gel eyeliner from Miss is the solution. 

  • The Blush shape makes it easy to shape your eyes, at the perfect amount. Not too thick or thin
  • Its Gel finish will never be faded, it is long lasting so you can have your look for hours
  • It moisturizes your eyes. So your eyes will always look smooth and alluring
  • It glazes so smoothly, so no more chuck finish

And it is waterproof too. So stop putting your eyeliner the wrong way, see how Kajal black Gel eyeliner is the solution. So buy it today and leave them all wonder, how did you bring out your beautiful eyes. Get it today. 

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