MISS ROSE Lipstick Moisturizer Smooth Lips Stick Long


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MISS ROSE Lipstick Moisturizer Smooth Lips Stick Long-Lasting Charming Lip Lipstick Cosmetic

Type: Lipstick
Brand Name: MISS ROSE
Benefit: Easy to Wear
Size: Full Size
Ingredient: Moisturizing lip gloss lasting lipstick
Quantity: 1 PCS

Now have even more luxurious lips with Miss Rose Moisturizer lipstick. The smooth finish will make the lips look plump and youthful helping to smooth out the dries of aging. It will moisture and it wears like a lip gloss but lasting as a lipstick.  the price you be guaranteed to get the same professional look that Miss Rose stands for in makeup.It long lasting so you can have a bold and plump look all day long. So have the long-lasting and smooth luxurious look all day. Get Miss Rose Moisturizing lipstick today and show your beautiful luxurious lips all day long.  

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