Mister Lion Plus Bead Bracelet

Mister SFC

  • $30.00


Add that touch of style to your attire guys with this Lion Plus bead bracelet. It's it not stunning men. Just think how great accessories to your wardrobe. To your business attire to hanging out with the guys, jeans or a t-shirt, this bracelet is sure to add that final touch of cool. The Lion Bead Bracelet is hand-made, featuring 10mm natural gemstone beads and finished with a custom Lion bead, cast in high-grade Stainless Steel. A high-quality bracelet that will never lose its glow or style. So add a touch of style to any of attire with this bracelet, get the bracelet that will never lose its quality. Get it today and start looking who is ready to take on anything by the way he dresses. Get it today.

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