New to the store, make your showers come alive also with Secret and Scent!


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Make your showers come alive new to our store  Electric Rotating Body Cleansing Massaging Brush Body that comes with 5 attachments, you will not only cleanse your skin but feel alive with each wash. But do not forget soap: with our handmade natural soap, you will be rejuvenating and smoothing your skin, make it feel soft with a touch. Try our Honey Almond Handmade soap, Rich nutty almond and perfectly sweet honey with just a touch of citrus make this natural, essential oil blended soap a true classic. You’ll treasure this sweet and aromatic blend that provides you with a silky smooth lather like no other. Unlike many synthetically scented soaps, our soap is made with natural essential oils for a truly special experience. One of our personal favorites, this handmade natural Honey Almond soap will not disappoint. Many more! Secret and Scent does not endorse the massage brush, but our soaps are our specialization. So buy it both but separately, and make your showers come alive with help of the Massage brush and our Handmade soap. Buy it today, and make your skin so soft, youthful skin. Price showing when you buy both!

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