No need of a card or a box chocolates let secret and scent be your way to her heart this Valentine.

Secret and scent candles

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  • Save $5.05

This  Valentine, get in the way of her heart not with a box of chocolate, but with our scents that are made for love, Our Love Spell Candle. With our Love Spell Candle, she will be captivated by this decadent infusion of both floral and fresh scents. Layered with the aromas of hydrangea, apples, oranges, peaches, and ripe cherry blossoms, no words of love can never compare to how this scent will truly tell her how much you love her! That is not all, in every candle, she could find this silver-tone necklace with a heart shape pendant, or this beautiful large stone ring, just one of the many 100 elegant pieces of jewelry she will find that will truly melt her heart.  So hurry, tell her much you love her this Valentines with our Love Spell Candle, get yours today, and let her find her secret Valentines in the Love Spell! Hurry, make this the Valentine that will have her heart, Order it today!

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