Now show the world the power of woman all day long with Secret and Scent.

Secret and scent candles

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We women are coming a long way. In this gender fighting world, many are seeing we women are strong. But do you need extra brain power to tagger an assignment? Or are you having a sluggish day, but you need that extra energy to finish that task? Sort essential oils are known to help. Like our essential oil Rosemary, when inhaled, it can help sharpen memory, and to stay focus even you feeling mentally drained. Or our essential oils  Grapefruit, Sweet orange, or Lemon, the grapefruit scent can help us fight mentally exhaustion, the lemon uplifts us, and the sweet orange helps us feel energized. But, because having a diffuser 24/7  is not possible to have around, here is the next best thing! New to my store is jewelry diffuser, that makes it possible to have these essential oils everywhere you go or need it. Like our Tree of Life  Essential Oils Diffuser Bracelet, This is an aromatherapy tool similar to nothing else that you have seen on the market. Accompanied by a shiny chain with little balls that upgrade its style and will skyrocket your finesse. An accessory that everybody will love and will be jealous of at the same time! Accompany with   8 micro-weave, washable and reusable aromatherapy diffuser refill pads, these pads ensure a long-lasting diffusing period and will provide a heavenly smell scent all day long. Or our Vintage Locket Essential Oil Diffuser Necklace, it comes in 16 styles and multi-colors with 3 reusable pads. Looking stylish and confident. Buy your diffuser jewelry today, with any of our essential oils that are now 9.99 Buy it separately today, and show this world what we woman can accomplish. Get each one separately today! Price showing of essential oils. Buy each product separately. The jewelry diffuser is I bought for the store to be able to be better used with Secret and Scents essential oils. 

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