Plus Frill Tie Neck Lace Sleeve Polka Dot Blouse


  • $26.00

Arabian Clothing:
Bust (cm):
0XL: 117 cm, 1XL: 123 cm, 2XL: 129 cm, 3XL: 135 cm
Cuff (cm):
0XL: 47.5 cm, 1XL: 49 cm, 2XL: 50.5 cm, 3XL: 52 cm
Contrast Lace, Ruffle, Tie Neck
Fabric has no stretch
Fit Type:
Regular Fit
Length (cm):
0XL: 67.5 cm, 1XL: 69 cm, 2XL: 70.5 cm, 3XL: 72 cm
100% Polyester
Pattern Type:
Polka Dot
Shoulder (cm):
0XL: 43.5 cm, 1XL: 45 cm, 2XL: 46.5 cm, 3XL: 48 cm
Sleeve Length:
Long Sleeve
Sleeve Length (cm):
0XL: 60 cm, 1XL: 61 cm, 2XL: 62 cm, 3XL: 63 cm
Sleeve Type:
Flounce Sleeve
Thigh (cm):
0XL: 124 cm, 1XL: 130 cm, 2XL: 136 cm, 3XL: 142 cm
Waist Size (cm):
0XL: 113 cm, 1XL: 119 cm, 2XL: 125 cm, 3XL: 131 cm
Black and white The key to winning an important position is to dress sharp and look you are a success. but when it is hot, that can be a challenge. But with this beautiful, tie Polk blouse, you can stay fresh and professional. The sleeves are flounce sleeve but it is of contrast lace, still giving the freshness of the sun, but also the protection from the UVR. The black polks contrast with white, and the Frill tie, makes this outfit go with any appeal, to a nice skirt, to even a pair of jeans, this blouse will give that touch of professionally for sure. It is a fabric that let you stay cool in the sun, and you can also look your best. So win that important position, do look sharp and professional. Buy this beautifully blouse now, and add this blouse as your wardrobe of looking successfully. Buy it today, because after the summer, this blouse will no longer be available, So if you can see yourself in this blouse, than Hurry, get it today.  

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