Re energies yourself and relieve inner yourself with the help from the Critrus!

Secret and scent candles

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Another work week. And do not have the energy to make to the weekend? Then let the Citrus save the day! Citrus properties are not only good as a refreshing drink for the summer, but its uses have the power to re-energise you and to relieve our inner stress.Citrus properties will purify the air room, eliminating the stang feeling when there is not enough fresh air circulating in the homes. Used as a defuser, it can help to boost physical and mental energy levels. A Perfect use not only at home, even at your workplace, helping you to get through another day! As skin product, citrus properties not only helps to refresh your skin, eliminate odor and perfumes your skin, but, it has essential vitamins help to rejuvenate and smooth the skin. That is why you should not miss out on any our  Citrus product. For example,   Our Tangerine Oil, a few drops in the bathtub, you will feel a full relaxation and consoling of the body, Add it with our Natural Soaps, Citrus Cedar, and Sage, it will bring you serene tranquility. Also with a sweet scent of Egyptian Amber that is infused With natural essential oils, including orange, Lavan din, copaiba, balsam, lemon, and grapefruit, you will get the total relaxation that you deserve! Included it with our Artisan Tea Rooibos Fruit, suggested is a great mixer with our Blood Orange or Green Tea, you will have a refreshing citrus feeling leaving you energies. So try our products that have a citrus side, and get the strength and energy to face the world.! Do not forget, every candle or tart has one of 100 elegant jewelry hidden, for you to find, so do not miss out, collect all 100. Buy your citrus product today, see how it not just good as A Five Alive drink! Remember, spend over 35 dollars, your shipping is free. So let the citrus re-energise you to face another day, and let Secret and Scent be your secret to a productive day!