Saying goodbye to the Watermelon, but the peach is coming, but it not have to be goodbye forever

Secret and scent candles

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As the summer months are flying by, the enjoyment of a ripe, juicy watermelon almost has its finish. With the peach season coming around, but not staying long, it hard to say goodbye to these enjoyable fruits. But you do not have to say goodbye to them long; now you can still ripe the benefits with our best seller candle or tarts, Juicy Peach candle or tart and Watermelon candle and tart. 

Our Juicy Peach candle or tart is a simple, fresh scent filled with the fragrance of sweet and ripe, juicy peaches. Treat your senses to this delectable treat. Try with our Artisan Teas, Peach oolong, a moderately caffeinated tea that combines rich dark oolong and lush, floral flavors of peach and honey. 
Blended with oolong tea, natural peach flavor, apple pieces, marigold flowers, and apricots. Your sense will be treated, and your soul refresh as you enjoy these both! But how about the Watermelon?

Our Watermelon Candle or tart is an authentic aroma of a ripe and juicy watermelon. Not overly sweet or artificial smelling, this watermelon smells like it was just picked off the vine.So authentic, that you can also feel like you are transported to a tropical island, savory a juicy watermelon. So do not say goodbye to our favorites fruits, hold on to them with Secret and Scent. Get yours today, before other realize they can not say goodbye either. Buy them both, because, with 2 candles, your shipping is free. Doubling the chances of even finding two pieces of jewelry. Do not wait, get yours today, and not say goodbye to our favorites fruits Peach and Watermelon.