simple pleasure are the lasting pleasure, simple pleasure number two, do not forget a candied apple!

Secret and scent candles

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Simple pleasure is the last pleasure, they are the ones that last in our memories. When time gets too rough, or out of control, we need time to sit back and rejuvenate our mind and thoughts to more positive time, a simpler time. and that is how Secret and Scent can help with our scent candle Candied Apple! The smell of freshly picked apples, warm cinnamon, and bubbling brown sugar all caramelizing together to give a sweet and delicious smell can bring to some one's different memories. For some, it can be the good times they spent at a country fair and the smell of candied apple reminds them of the excitement and pleasure memories with family or friends

. For me, living close to Jorden Station, in Vineland Ontario, the smell of freshly picked apple, warm cinnamon and bubbling brown sugar remains me of that pleasure, refreshing moments at the pumpkin farm, how I felt so at ease and rejuvenated at a time in my life I felt so worn out!

Whatever pleasure moments the aroma of candied apple can recall to your mind, captive it and take that time, to sit back and take control of mind and soul, relieve any inner pressure. Let the fond memories of candied apple, rejuvenated you! Get yours today, and let the pleasure moments be the lasting moments. Get yours today, and remember every candle or tart has also a hidden elegant jewelry of your choice that also makes you feel beautiful. Get yours today, use code 007Rosie74 and get 10% off the retail price.! Do not miss out to make simple pleasure the lasting pleasure with the fond memory of candied apple. Buy yours today, and let it be your Secret to mental health!