Smell a grapefruit and feel healthy?

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Many know that having a grapefruit daily, there are many health benefits it brings, like it reduces the risk of developing kidney stones, for some people like me, it helps burn belly fat,  and the list goes on. So I was surprised to learn how even smelling the scent of the grapefruit can help physically. Grapefruit oil has a cleansing and detoxifying effect on everything it comes in contact. Thanks to all the physiochemical in the oil, it displays powerful antimicrobial, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, but does it have to be applied on the skin to get these benefits??? No, you can still get the benefits using it as diffusers. How? Inhaling grapefruit oil, it can stimulate the nervous system, increases alertness and focus. Also, the soothing aroma of grapefruit oil can improve mood and relieve depression. All by just inhaling the scent.  It can also help suppress appetite and cravings. According to a clinical study at the Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation, the smell of grapefruit oil has such dramatic effect on the brain that it could control calorie intake better than any other method. This is because normally after we have eaten sufficient amount of food, signals indicating fullness reaches the brain and triggers the release of chemicals suppressing appetite. However, you could overeat in the time it takes the brain to register fullness and respond to it. Grapefruit oil is an effective tool to suppress appetite because it directly acts on the satiety center in the hypothalamus.Giving the impression you are full! With so many benefits with inhaling the scent, do not miss out on Secret and Scent Grapefruit Essential Oil. It is 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils. A full line of 17 pure and aromatic essential oils. We've carefully selected these premium grades essential oils in order to provide you with the highest quality and best experience possible.  But that is not all. Also try our Candle or tarts, that also are infused with the premium graded essential oil. Like our Rain Water scent, A complex array of both floral scents and sweet, musky seduction. Initially, this scent reveals notes of carnations, lilies, and citrus followed by violet, tuberose, sweet jasmine, cyclamen, and lastly fragrant sandalwood. Infused with natural essential oils, including grapefruit, tuberose, and lemon. You will get the benefits of inhaling the grapefruit and also experiencing tranquility. Also hidden treasure too! So do not miss out, get the benefits of Grapefruit, without eating it. Buy your grapefruit today, and let Secret and Scent be your secret to a good heal

Do not to forget to even get the benefit of grapefruit as skin care with our Grapefruit Margarita natural soap, Grapefruit, orange and a splash of lime: our handmade natural Grapefruit Margarita soap provides a blended citrus sensation like no other. Yesterday you smelled grapefruit, today smells more like lime…but it always smells like freshly squeezed citrus bliss. This natural soap contains added aloe and shea butter for a soft and silky experience that produces a rich lather and smooth finish. So reap the benefits of grapefruit inside and out, get your grapefruit and smell it! Do not start smelling at the grocery stores😂get your product today at Secret and Scent!