Sweet up your day with A Cinnamon Bun and Vanilla Chai

Secret and scent candles

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Sweet up your day with our Cinnamon Bun candle and tart scent and new to our Artisan Tea, Vanilla Chai. The Cinnamon Bun candle is just like the aroma you get when you smell freshly baked cinnamon buns cooking in oven stove, so pleasant, so serene : you want to stay near that aroma all day. Companed with our Vanilla Chai Tea, an aromatic blend of vanilla rooibos, cloves, cardamom, ginger, and cinnamon in order to satiate both your sweet and spicy craving! So have a sweet day, with Our Cinnamon Bun scent and our Artisan teas, Vanilla, buy yours today and say everyday Sweetttt! Do not forget, to use code 007Rosie74 to get 10% off the retail price and look out for your hidden elegant jewelry inside! Now that is Sweetttt!