TATI BODUCH JASPER Collection, genuine leather:


  • $379.00

Stand out from the rest, show off your unique style and be proud of it with this Beautiful Tati Boduch Handbag. 

This handbag has an original triangular shape, curved bottom and it is very elegant.
TATI BODUCH handbags stand out from others due to its original design, ergonomic shape, elegant feminine look, artistic outlines on knitted fabric, and warm rich color palette.
With the usage of knitted fabric, bags are soft and delicate to the touch and the combination with the generous leather gives them a luxurious yet subtle look. This handbag is most have due to its.outstanding quality. This handbag is


  • Natural leather green color 
  • Its Italian genuine bovine leather comes from Mastrotto Tannery, a world leader in leather production  (Collection NEW YORK COLORS: 028 Aloe)
  • Decoration - artistic knitwear fabric trim
  • Knitted fabric is from the best Italian yarn that comes from Filivivi, the Italian world yarn market leader
  • Fabric trim is impregnated to increase resistance to dirt
  • Certificate of Authenticity
  • Detachable shoulder strap: 100 cm
  • Length: 30 cm (11.8 in) down Width: 7 cm (2.8 in) Height: 19 cm (7.5 in)
  • Weight: 550g (19.4oz)
  • Box: 34cmx31cmx12cm
  • Warranty: two-year limited warranty (proof of purchase required)
  • Made in the UK
  • And it is a limited edition, So get it now from Rosie Secret and Scent.
  • Now is the time to show off your style. But not with just any handbag, but with Tati Boduch. Get this handbag today, start standing out for your unique beauty and your unique style.  Get it today.

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