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All we would like to have healthier skin. No matter the age, we all would like to have glowing and radiant skin. Some may pay hundreds even millions of dollars to accomplish this. But according to Grandmoms around the world, who are known to have radiant, glowing and wrinkle free skin; they give us 6 ways, their secrets to be ageless.  They are not stars, but they do have a website called where they give many tips and pieces of advice to stay healthy and youthful. Because time is what makes hard to follow these tips, Secret and Scents have products that make it easier for less time, making it for you to accomplish these tips. Now these Grandma do not know anything about these products, and do not promote or induce these products, but as sell representative for the company, and knowing that taking care of our skin can be time consuming, which we all do not have, reading this article myself, I found products that will help me and you to have radiant, glowing, skin, in one simple step. So let’s see the secrets of radiant skin. The first step is Wash your face daily.

Wash your Face Daily.

Washing your face every night removes dirt and oil, also, hydrates your skin. Some are the old school that they use a gentle soap with no harsh fragrance and water to follow by inexpensive moisturizer.

Kim Gratton a grandmother, who lives in New Hampshire, uses coconut oil instead of soap. She just adds a little of the oil to a washcloth that’s dampened with warm water and rubs gently. Then rinse. Kim loves the result of her skin, but Secret and Scent have also a natural soap, all made from natural oils, which are gentle to the skin and moistures, your skin. Like our Lavender Oatmeal goat milk. This is a gentle soap that moisturizes, exfoliates your skin and also delicious all at the same time. With the Lavender oil, you will get a suing and relaxing experiences.


Moisturizing your skin is an absolutely key to haling the aging process, says Sabrina Dowd M.D., a dermatologist in Willianspead Pennsylvania. She suggests not to spend a lot of money because of our skin as we age, gets sensitive and even expensive beauty products, can be irritating. She suggests using products that contain natural oils, like coconut oil, for example, which helps the skin, lock in its moistures. Esthetical Marta Sienkiewicz, suggests looking for moisturizes products that contain hyaluronic acid that will plump your skin. Other ingredients to look for are peptides, which help the collagen production and antioxidants which help protect the skin. Try our 2.5% Retinol Moisturizes; its feature ingredients are Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin E, Vitamin B5

This moisturizer is a power-packing combo of 2.5% retinol as well as a high-quality facial moisturizer. Formulated to help fade discoloration, boost skin repair mechanisms, support firmer and more supple skin and diminish fine lines and signs of aging! 

This potent blend of antioxidants combined with retinol (a form of Vitamin A) will burrow down into the deep layers of the skin and help activate collagen and elastin which help make the skin look more youthful! Vitamin A itself has a long list of clinically proven restorative, anti-aging properties. Together this moisturizer was made for you - while helping to restore and renew firmness and elasticity it will help fight free radical damage!

Best if used along with our 2.5% Retinol Serum. And not expensive at all. You only pay 24.95, so easy and not a time to consume.

  Wear Sunscreen

Dr. Frew says, Wearing sunscreen with an SPF 30 or higher every day is the first line of defense for anti-aging. It’s like brushing your teeth and flossing it should be a daily habit. As this, not a sunscreen, our solar repair herbal moisturizer is a comprehensive topical nutrient application that can help prevent photodamage and onset of more serious skin issues. Ideal as a daily moisturizer or post-sun moisturizers for all skin types.

Get a facial

According to Sienkiewicz, Everyone should have a facial once a month. A good professional facial is like a professional dental cleaning, it gets out dirt and oil that you just cannot get ours by yourself. But, there are ways to do it at home and not break the budget. There are great recipes for homemade masks and scrubs online, that uses ingredients like oatmeal and honey. Also nature things like avocado or banana, which moisturizes or strawberry or blueberries, which have fruit acid that exfoliates. If you do not the time like me to make these homemade masks, Secret and Scent have a good mask to use. Our Miracle Moisture mask cocktail helps penetrate and nourish the skin while it provides anti-aging properties. Feature ingredients like Organic Herbal blend and natural essential oil like jojoba oil and Rosehip seed oil, this Mask is designed to hydrate and replenish facial moisture for a brighten younger looking skin.

Get Enough Sleep

Sleep is essential for good healing. How Dr. Frew points out, your cell repairs while you’re sleeping. This is the time your body uses to heal itself. But sometimes, the stress of life can weight us down, that getting a good night rest can be impossible. But with the help of Lavender collection from Secret and Scent, it can be your remedy to get that good rest. Lavender has the ability to calm and relax our mind to point to a deep sleep. So try our Lavender essential oils, or even our Lavender candles or tarts, that is true Lavender because it infused with the pure Lavender essential oils, you will get the same results as our Lavender oils, getting the needed sleep.


Boost your mood

Emotion does have a powerful effect on the skin. Worry and stress have been shown to alter hormones levels that are linked to skin conditions like eczema and stress also speeds up the aging process.

With Secret and Scent 11 tragic scents that help your well-being collection, this is the remedy to boost your moods. That is because scents can affect our emotion, our behaviors, and even our moods. So having the right scent is the key to boosting your moods. Like our Gardenia candle or tart. The scent of Gardenia is known to enhance mood and decrease anxiety. While the scent Plumeria has the healing power for body and mind. The scent promotes peace, tranquility, and relaxation. It is also believed to offer internal peace and awareness. All these scents are found in floral scent, the second scent of the 11 tragic scents that help your well-being collection.

So Secret and Scent is the remedy to get a radiant and glowing skin. With our many products like skin care line, our essential oils, and even Artisan tea, getting radiant and glowing skin is possible without wasting time or breaking the budget. So try many of Secret and Scent lines today, and let it be your secret to the radiant and glowing skin. And you can tell this secret too! Price showing if you were to buy all the product together. Individual pricing is found it each collection.