Blueberry Whiteout

To the tea lovers on your list, give them the world, with our Artisan Teas!

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For the teas lovers on your list, give them a taste of the World with our Artisan teas! Our Artisan teas are of premium quality sourced fresh from farms around the world. So with every sip, you are giving them the taste of the world. Take for example our Blueberry Whiteout tea, We combine premium white tea hailed from the Fujian province of China with a beautiful blend of ripe blueberries in our Blueberry Whiteout tea. this tea features whole, round dried blueberries. Favored by many of our customers due to its versatility as a calming, smooth hot or a bright, fruity iced tea. Perfect for summer or winter months. And only for 9.95, Wow! what deal, you will not find this at any store. So make the tea lovers on your list feel on top of the world with every sip of their tea. Get yours today, and let this gift be under their Tree. Do not forget the great news, read it on my blog and see how Secret and Scent is making this holiday a stress free one!