Wake up every day with a ray of sunshine with Secret and Scent.

Secret and scent candles

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Bring out the sunshine daily with our oranges essential oils. The eleventh scent from our collection the 11th tragic scent that helps your well-being collection.  Orange oils come from the compressing of the orange peels, giving you many health benefits including the scent. The smell of orange can make you feel alert and relaxed. It induces a sense of happiness and well-being, that is why surrounding you with the scent of orange can have a positive effect on us. The scent can also take away the edge of mental and physical fatigue, pain and anger and other strong feelings. Making you feel as a ray of sunshine is hitting your mind and soul. So do not miss out, try our essential oils Bergamot oil.

Our   Bergamot Essential oil is perfect for calming the mind and helping to put you at ease. When life feels out of hand, Bergamot essential oil can help clear a scattered mind and promote a more focused outlook.

Or try our essential oil Sweet orange, Useful for relieving stress and anxiety as well as providing you with a euphoric happy mood, sweet orange is great for your psychological health as well as your kitchen's! 

How about our essential oil Tangerine; Our Tangerine Essential oil is a soft and sweet citrus aroma that is much more delicate and gentle than some of the others in its family. Full of relaxing properties that enrich and console the body and mind - useful before naps and meditation as well as an additive to nighttime bathing. 

But also add a bit of bang bang, to your day, with all our candles or tart. With all our Candles or Tarts, you will find a hidden jewelry of your choice; So try our Candle or Tart, Love Spell. Infused with natural essential oils, including orange and grapefruit, Our Love Spell Candle is Layered with the aromas of hydrangea, apples, oranges, peaches, and ripe cherry blossoms, enlightening and refreshing any room.

Bring out the sunshine daily to your mind and soul with our eleventh scent from our 11th tragic scent collection. Wake up every day, feeling enlighten ready to face anything that day can bring. Hurry, buy from the collection today and make your secret to a bright day every day! Price showing the low price of your essential oils, hurry, these low prices do not last for long.